Hyundai Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando

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If you’ve noticed the air conditioning in your Hyundai hasn’t been getting your cabin as cool as normal or if it’s been blowing warm air out of your vents, it may be time for your air conditioning to be repaired. The team here at our Universal Hyundai service center has repaired, replaced, and maintained numerous air conditioning, so if you want our team to make sure yours is working fine, please schedule an appointment today.

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Key Signs Your Hyundai Air Conditioning Needs to be Repaired

When the Orlando weather becomes hot, you want to make sure the air conditioning in your Hyundai can handle it. Usually no matter what the temperature outside is, the air conditioning in your Hyundai should be able to keep your vehicle’s cabin around 40 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

If the air conditioning in your Hyundai is struggling to keep your cabin nice and cool, or if you hear any noise coming from underneath the hood when turning your air on, it’s more than likely that there is an issue. The problem could be from a lack of freon, your A/C fittings becoming loose, or your O-rings, hoses, or seals wearing out. Regardless of what the issue is, if any of the apparent signs are happening you should bring your Hyundai to our Universal Hyundai service center.

When your air conditioning unit begins to break down, the refrigerant inside them begins to leak out, and because of this, you and your passengers may not be the only ones affected by your faulty air conditioning unit. The refrigerant is not only harmful to the environment, but it can also prove to be harmful to your Hyundai, if not treated right away.

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If it’s time for your Hyundai to get it’s air conditioning repaired, be sure to schedule a service appointment with us online. If you have any questions about your repair, please contact us online and one of the team members from our service center will be happy to answer.

Here at our Universal Hyundai service center, we are proud to serve all of our customers from Orlando, Hunters Creek, Kissimmee, Southchase, and beyond.

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